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Working out at Home!


Hi! Having recently relocated and trying to get my bearings straight, I have decided to workout from home. My sense of direction is the worst but I'm learning the neighborhood! Saying goodbye to my fav yoga studio in Winnipeg was hard and trying to find the perfect studio that's close by has been challenging! There are many places to check out but I really wanted a studio within walking distance from my place. So to save time and money I have decided to invest in online yoga classes. Perhaps I will save some money and be able to visit more awesome yoga festivals in the future! 

Here is a list of yoga sites I plan to check out! I am really digging the Yoga Anytime since you can specify exactly what kind of yoga you would like to do. Bonus they have a 15 day free trial!

  1. Yoga Anytime
  2. Namaste TV
  3. Yoga with Adriene

If anyone has other recommendations, either online or local Minneapolis yoga studios, please comment below! Thanks xx