Creative Vivacity


2015 Resolutions


Inspired by all of the awesome resolution lists out there, in particular this one by designlovefest, I decided to create my own resolution list for 2015. Creating lists and goal setting is fun after all, especially when you can check something off the list!

  1. More journal writing. Writing my thoughts on paper and staying focused on the positive experience's in life. 
  2. More field trips. It would be cool to stay up to date on the latest galleries and museums in the city and explore new ones too!
  3. A fun trip. Currently planning a wedding, so the honeymoon part should be fun to plan! Maybe visit Napa Valley or Hawaii.
  4. Learn how to manage finances better. I need to budget better and put more funds into a TFSA.
  5. Less negative thoughts and responses. Instead of being a debbie-downer, only talks about positive ideas and subjects.
  6. Let it go. Let go of the people that hurt you. Forgive and forget.
  7. New hobby. I have always wanted to get into pottery. I love the idea of getting my hands dirty and making something beautiful.
  8. More Freelance work that pushes me. I'd love to work on more freelance projects and learn new skills.
  9. Practice Yoga daily. More meditation and Mysore practice will help my mind focus on the positive.
  10. Be nicer to myself. Work in progress.