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Running Inspiration, Tips + Tricks!

Well, this weekend marked the beginning of my running/jogging adventures! I started the running season off with a half marathon on May 4th! I have been training throughout the winter and let me tell you – this winter has been especially harsh! Training in -40C is extreme! So glad the weather has warmed up and the snow has melted just in time for the slew of races to come this summer!


My next big run will be at the Fargo Marathon! I will be running in the half marathon. Very excited about this run. Looking forward to the live music! Destinations runs are always my favourite! Something about challenging myself to train for a big run in a destination always keeps me motivated! Some past destination runs I have completed and recommend are the Cayman Islands Marathon, Maratona Di Roma and a little closer to home, Manitoba Trail Runs!

 Maratona di Roma - at the start of the race!

Maratona di Roma - at the start of the race!

 Maratona di Roma - near the finish line!

Maratona di Roma - near the finish line!


Some tips I learned along the way. 

  1. Always stay hydrated. Especially a week before race day, take in more water.
  2. Stretching is key. Yoga is one of my favourite forms of stretching.
  3. Motivation. "Running is 99% mental, 1% physical." - unknown. Forgot where I heard this quote, but I love it. Whenever I feel like giving up, I remember this quote and it helps through the rough patches of training.

Happy Running!