Creative Vivacity


Current thoughts

Earlier this week I was reading a blog post from Breanna Rose and she posted a list of where she is now. It made me want to write my own list and see where I am in my life right now. Observing my current thoughts and thinking about where I am in my life was a bit challenging! Here it is.

 Green Grass

MAKING paper flowers
COOKING sweet potato soup
DRINKING red wine
READING the Secret Life of Salvador Dali 
WANTING the grass to be green again 
LOOKING outside at the birds flying by
PLAYING Heartbeats by Jose Gozalez
WASTING my time sleeping
SEWING nothing!
WISHING I was on a sail boat in the mediterranean  
ENJOYING chocolate eggs from easter
WAITING on no jacket weather!|
LIKING sunshine coming into the room
WONDERING what my fish are thinking

HOPING to be more present 
MARVELLING at the kindness of strangers
NEEDING a new computer 
SMELLING a bouquet of tulips
WEARING ripped jeans + a t-shirt
FOLLOWING my gut + prioritizing my goals
NOTICING how positivity can effect a day!
KNOWING that I should take each day as it comes
THINKING about dessert, as always!
BOOKMARKING inspiring photographers
OPENING chocolate wrappers!
GIGGLING at Cutthroat Kitchen!
FEELING excited about my marathon coming up!