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 Gus & Harlow snuggly on a soft fleece  HBC blanket

Gus & Harlow snuggly on a soft fleece HBC blanket

Hello! I love our cats so much so naturally I had to write a post about their favourite toys! You may be surprised by some of the toys the cats enjoy playing with the most! Here is list of Harlow and Gus's top 10 favourite cat toys!

  1. Cat laser
  2. Pom Poms with cat nip
  3. Wool hand felt jingle bells
  4. Q-tips
  5. Wand cat toy
  6. Fresh cat nip from the garden
  7. Soft blanket
  8. Shoelaces
  9. Cardboard boxes
  10. Yarn
 Gus in a box!

Gus in a box!

 Harlow with pompoms!

Harlow with pompoms!

 Harlow and Gus when they were kittens!

Harlow and Gus when they were kittens!

 Soft blankets are their favourite!

Soft blankets are their favourite!

Let me know if you have any toys that your cat loves! Always looking for new cat toys! 

5 Delicious Red Wines to Warm you up!

Wine is one of my favourite beverages! A big, bold red always warms me up on a cool fall day. Here is a list of my top 5 go-to fall wines! Let me know of your favourite wines! Always looking to try a new flavour! 

  1. Meomi Pinot Noir - California Pinot Noir. 
  2. Castello Di Gabbiano - Italian Chaianti Classico 
  3. Casillero Del Diablo - Chile Malbec
  4. Painted Rock 2013 Syrah - Okanagan Valley
  5. Bogle Merlot - California
Top 8 Podcasts to Enjoy

Here is a list of my current fav podcasts. Most of the podcasts are inspiring, with a sprinkle of the past and marketing tips. If you have any fav podcasts would love to here about them in the comments. 

IF YOU'RE Looking for inspiration
LISTEN TO Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

IF YOU'RE A Creative
LISTEN TO Clients From Hell Podcast

IF YOU'RE Passionate about retro advertising
LISTEN TO Under the Influence from CBC Radio

IF YOU'RE A foodie
LISTEN TO The Splendid Table

IF YOU'RE Passionate about music
LISTEN TO Song Exploder

IF YOU'RE Looking for the latest social media tools, tips and tricks
LISTEN TO Social Media Examiner

IF YOU'RE Interested in a unique conversation
LISTEN TO Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin

IF YOU'RE Looking for a romantic story
LISTEN TO Modern Love


Our Wedding

Here are some highlight images from our wedding! An amazing day with our friends & family! We are so grateful for all of the love and support. 


I really wanted to blog every single image from today but stopped myself from getting too out of hand! If you'd like to see more photos, our amazing photographer Victoria Anne blogged even more images a while back! Thank you to amazing family, friends and vendors that helped to make this day possible. Below is a list of the awesome vendors / resources.

wedding venue: Manitoba Club  |  photography: Victoria Anne Photography  |  florals: Heather Page at Academy Florist  |  cake (so delicious): Cake Studio  |  wedding dress: Allure  |  transportation: Clarence Falk  |  wedding planner: Andraea Nickel  |  linens: Planned Perfectly  |  stationary : Creative Vivacity  |  harp: Harp Oasis